OS Command Injection In Laravel Framework


OS Command Injection In Laravel Framework

Advisory ID



Laravel Framework

Vulnerable Version

< 5.8.17

Fixed Version




Discovery Date

19 May 2019


Ramadhan Amizudin | NetbyteSEC

Product description:

"Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation

— freeing you to create without sweating the small things."

Source : https://www.laravel.com/

Vulnerability description:

OS Command Injection found in Filesystem Symlink API (CVE-2020-19316) When passing crafted user input into the Storage::link() will trigger the vulnerability. Exploiting this issue may allow attacker to execute OS Command with running application privilege. This vulnerability affect laravel installation on the Windows operating system only.

Proof Of Concept:

For version 5.7.16

File: src/Illuminate/Filesystem/Filesystem.php

Line: 257

  • public function link($target, $link)


       if (! windows_os()) { // [1]

          return symlink($target, $link);


       $mode = $this->isDirectory($target) ? 'J' : 'H';

       exec("mklink /{$mode} \"{$link}\" \"{$target}\""); // [2]


  • OS checking done at [1], if the current OS is not windows the execution will continue.

    Finally the variable reach [2] code path, which take variable into exec function without any escape.

    Because the Filesystem API is mapped into Storage facade, we can demonstrate the vulnerability by using this vulnerable code in the controller

  • Storage::link($request->input('target_folder'), $request->input('link_name'));


The vulnerability is patched on version 5.8.17 and above. Please update your laravel to the latest version.


2019-05-10 | Contact Laravel Security, (Taylor Otwell) via taylor[at]laravel.com

2019-05-14 | Laravel Version 5.8.17 released

2019-05-14 | Applied for CVE

2021-12-13 | CVE-2020-19316 Assigned

2021-12-16 | Advisory Published